With China Investing $13 Trillion in Construction with Aim of Zero Carbon Buildings, A Chinese Green-Building Manufacturer is Expected to Thrive.


China is in the midst of a construction mega-boom with a strong emphases on carbon neutral buildings and infrastructure. Right now, China has the largest buildings market in the world, making up 20% of all construction investment globally. And it’s only set to grow: China is expected to spend nearly $13 trillion on buildings by 2030.

Now, it has been reported that China’s manufacturing sector is starting its recovery, and expected to rally in 2021 due to the sudden influx of China Real Estate Investments, and the beginning of its $13 Trillion dollar 2030 infrastructure expansion plans.

This now poses an interesting question: Are there any public companies in China right now that can take advantage of this, and to this scale?

The most promising candidate appears to be a emerging buildings material manufacturer, that not only produces green and carbon neutral building materials in a cost effective way, but also produces a building material that aims to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses.

Zhuding International Limited (OTC:ZHUD)

Zhuding International Limited is an innovative building materials manufacturer with primary operations in China. Focused on environmental protection and innovation, Zhuding International uses its own patented technology to create lightweight composite wall panels suitable for use in commercial and residential construction from recycled materials derived from mining, industrial, agricultural, and domestic waste.

These panels, which are durable, energy-saving, and insulating, are standardized and modularized to create a system of easy design and assembly, therefore making it easier to build new energy-saving and environmentally friendly buildings.

Now that China is beginning its monstrous expansion in buildings and infrastructure, it appears this company might have found itself in a prime position.

The most interesting aspect is not only that it is one of the key manufacturers in china that produces green-friendly building materials, but its new substance they apply to materials has been found to stop the transmission of viruses.

Recently, the company had the following to say on this matter.

As CV-19 has spread, so has our fear of surfaces. Zhuding International Limited is optimistic about the trial for copper nanoparticles on the building materials. “Due to their positively perceived characteristics, nanomaterials are increasingly used by the construction industry on building surfaces creating so-called “nano-effect,” said Xiang Mulin, Chief Executive Officer of Zhuding International Limited.

Xiang Mulin Further said,

“We are taking the first step in applying copper nanomaterials on construction products to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses. And we want to make this affordable and ready for commercial use.”

This has huge implications, especially in China as the Government stated that all new infastructure that is created will have COVID-19 in mind during its construction, and materials used to limit the spread of similar viruses.

Source: HERE

By looking at the companies recently released financial information (www.OTCMARKETS.com), their revenue is well beyond that of any company in its current position. In fact, the company reported the following.

  • $52m revenue (2019)
  • $39.5m assets vs $5.5m in Liabilities.

First quarter revenue($3.8M) is pretty much in line with 2019 numbers ($12M). With the company now announcing that Chinese real estate investment has resumed following COVID-19, and China now beginning to initiate its $13 Trillion Dollar infrastructure expansion to 2030, these numbers should be in a much higher category within 2021.

We will continue to bring updates surrounding this company, quarter by quarter in 2021.

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