With China Investing $13 Trillion in Construction with Aim of Zero Carbon Buildings, A Chinese Green-Building Manufacturer is Expected to Thrive.


China is in the midst of a construction mega-boom with a strong emphases on carbon neutral buildings and infrastructure. Right now, China has the largest buildings market in the world, making up 20% of all construction investment globally. And it’s only set to grow: China is expected to spend nearly $13 trillion on buildings by 2030. […]

Touchpoint Group Holdings Inc (TGHI) Pursues Main Competitor Peloton; Amid over 50% of the Companies Available Shares Purchased by Insiders.


One of the hottest markets right now, during the COVID-19 pandemic, is “at-home” fitness systems, and equipment. Undoubtedly the leaders in this sector is Peloton Interactive Inc, which is surging farther than most analysts expected. In fact, Peloton Interactive Inc. said it can’t keep up with surging demand for the company’s […]

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