Major League Football, Inc (OTC:MLFB) Announces Preparations for a 2021 Season with Training Camp in Florida Headquarters


CEO of Major League Football, Inc (OTC:MLFB) Speaks with us on the exciting developments surrounding their possible 2021 Football Season.

RELEASE: Tuesday, December 08, 2021

Recently, the XFL announced that they were not starting a new season until 2022, while the NFL is in full swing and salvaging its season, to much relief from sports fans around the globe. However, in recent filings by Major League Football, Inc. it appears footballs fans just might something besides the NFL to look forward to in 2021.

We were able to get a brief statement from the CEO of Major League Football, Inc (OTC:MLFB) on Monday night (December 7th), about the possibility of a 2021 season.

We have been preparing for a 2021 season with training camp in Florida headquarters in mid,-late April and 6 team season playing regular season in May and June..championship First of July.

While Covid-19 continues to dominate the sports organizations in the US, MLFB has also revealed its plans to push and introduce the league in 2021 by means of TV and Digital means.

CEO Frank Murtha had the following to say Monday night (December 7th).

With Covid and crowd restrictions continuing in States where we will be playing we are exploring using our old plan for a Demonstration Season of less games and locations to introduce the League…using TV and digital means

Mr. Murtha has also touched on how they now have trademarks for 10 teams.

The initial idea was to have 6 teams play the first season. Since the league has the trademarks for over 10, we don’t yet know exactly which teams would be considered for this inaugural year.

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