Marathon Patent Group (MARA) Expected to Test Historic $4.00 Levels; as Cryptocurrency Mining Start-Up (QEBR) Successfully Mines Bitcoin, Ethereum and Lambda.


Bitcoin’s (BTC) rally above the $10,000–$10,400 zone has called back a number of well known traders who had been waiting for a trending move to start before making the jump back in. Bitcoin (BTC) started an CPR uptrend shortly after breaking out of the $10,000–$10,400 resistance level on July 27. […]

Reports now show CONVID-19 Virus Contained in China Allowing Apple to Re-Open all its Stores; Boosting Prospect for US Market Reversal.


As the new coronavirus continues its attack around the world, tanking markets, cutting off global travel and suspending school for hundreds of millions of children, governments are simply scramble to contain and understand the virus. However, reports are coming out of China the country that mismanaged the initial outbreak appears to be in control of […]

New Merger Utilizing “Fusion Triangle” Opens the Door to Possibly Biggest merger to Hit US OTC markets in last 5 years.

Previously, we have outlined how a new system for Chinese businesses to enter the US and Canadian markets amid highly restrictive trans-border regulations, coining the term “Fusion Triangle”. The idea is that Chinese companies and individuals would purchase non-active shell companies that are already publicly listed on a lower-tier stock […]

U.S. Stocks Climb to Record on Trade Momentum

Bloomberg News: U.S. equities climbed toward a new high, and European stocks reached a record, amid hopes that a partial trade deal between America and China will ease a key risk for investors heading into year-end. Treasuries fell. With tech and health-care leading the charge, the S&P 500 Index gained […]

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