Patient Access Solutions (PASO) Signs with NASDAQ Bound Hestia Insight Inc. (HSTA) to form Joint Consortium To Battle Depression.


  • Patient Access Solutions Just Launched their newest Clinic and Website
  • Patient Access Solutions Showed a Substantial Increase in Assets following Acquisition
  • Hestia Insight Inc (HSTA) Announced they will be Applying to NASDAQ
  • Hestia Insight Inc (HSTA) Reported over $18 million in Assets with over 6 Million in Income
  • Both Companies (PASO & HSTA) Utilize Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)

Depression and anxiety symptoms have doubled among youth during pandemic, a recent study has found. In fact, the percentage of children and adolescents experiencing depression and anxiety symptoms has doubled during the coronavirus pandemic, according to a University of Calgary study published in the medical journal JAMA Pediatrics on Monday.

“Estimates show that one in four youth globally are experiencing clinically elevated depression symptoms while one in five have clinically elevated anxiety symptoms,” Dr. Nicole Racine, postdoctoral associate and clinical psychologist at UCalgary and lead author of the study, said in a press release. “Further alarming, these symptoms are compounding over time.”

In the USA, a new consortium was formed whos main focus is to battle Anxiety and Depression with Clinics now starting to open. Patient Access Solutions, Inc. (OTC PINK: PASO), a provider of technology and management solutions for the healthcare and financial industries, has announced that Patient Access Solutions, (PASO) Hestia Insight through its subsidiary Hestia Health (HSTA), and US Stem Cell will form a Consortium business model for the treatment of individuals with anxiety and depression.

Hestia plans to uplist to Nasdaq Capital Market (“Nasdaq”) upon meeting the Nasdaq’s financial and liquidity requirements, as recently stated in a Press Release after showing major growth despite the downturn in activity from the COVID-19 Pandemic. Edward Lee, the Company’s Chief Executive Officer and Chairman stated,

“Through the Company’s last two fiscal quarters, Hestia’s asset value has increased to $18,377,762, and our income has increased to $6,271,536. The Company’s revenue has decreased to $18,500.”  

….completion of the Company’s Regulation A+ public offering in whole or in part, the Company intends to apply for a Nasdaq Capital Market (“Nasdaq”) listing upon meeting the Nasdaq’s financial and liquidity requirements.

According to Patient Access Solutions Inc (PASO), Hestia Health, US Stem Cell, and Patient Access Solutions will provide the facility locations and all business narratives including funding/financing, branding, patient awareness campaigns, licensing, facility build outs, and billing.

Just recently, Patient Access Solutions Inc launched one of their newest Medical Centers, with expectations of $5 Million in sales during the first 6 months, as reported in a recent press release.

Patient Access Solutions, Inc. (PASO), is also tackling the issue of Mental Health among the returning Veterans from Afghanistan, by announcing that Veterans for America First (VFAF) and (a wholly owned subsidiary of Patient Access Solutions) have joined forces to provide unlimited 24/7 mental health visits for veterans for a reduced monthly membership cost of just $29.95.  This concerted effort includes not only the portal but their new location in New Hyde Park, NY, offering additional solutions for anxiety and depression, including TMS and Ketamine therapies.  

The global healthcare market reached a value of nearly $8,452 billion in 2018, having grown at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.3% since 2014, and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.9% to nearly $11,909 billion by 2022

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