Masterbeat Corp (MSTO) Aiming for More Rental Property Acquisitions with Sights set on Incorporating Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Payment Options.


As Americans are finding new ways to escape their Covid-19 Isolation experiences, many are now flocking to nearby vacation rentals in surprisingly strong numbers, showing the first signs of a major recovery for the vacation and travel industry which was ravished during the initial months of the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, searches and bookings are now rising significantly compared to this time last year, showcasing a surge in domestic travel. In some cases, bookings are being reported at over 25% of the original price,

According to Airbnb Inc CEO Brian Chesky,

“People, after having been stuck in their homes for a few months, do want to get out of their houses; that’s really, really clear. But they don’t necessarily want to get on an airplane and are not yet comfortable leaving their countries.”

MasterBeat Corporation (OTC: MSTO) recently received and accepted an offer of $1.4 Million ($1,400,000) for its Verano Palace real estate asset in Miramar Beach, Florida. This deal closes officially on May 3rd, and will validate a significant model confirmation of the companies Real Estate venture.

“We now have proven our initial automotive and real estate models work. We have been working diligently on getting our Company situated to obtain the financing necessary to grow the company and deliver even more significant value to our shareholders. We also have 2 years of audited financials and a 3rd year audit is currently being conducted. In a short amount of time, we have achieved verifiable operations, revenues, profits, growth and asset appreciation. We feel these accomplishments will help us achieve the additional and significant traditional financing we seek to execute our business model and accelerate the growth of our Company.”

The company is already planning its next vacation property, with plans to build its 5,000 sq. ft. Santa Rosa vacation style property. The 5,000 sq. ft. Santa Rosa vacation style property boasts 8 bedrooms, 8.5 bathrooms, 4 stories with ocean views, a rooftop deck, a short walk to the beach, and an elevator. The property will sleep 32 people, includes a private resort style pool with 16-person hot tub, fire pit and professional putting green.

“This property is going to be an amazing addition to our portfolio and is expected to substantially grow our revenue streams and add significant asset value and appreciation,”

-stated Josh Tannariello, CEO of MasterBeat.

According to the company, comparable properties in the immediate area are selling between $2.5 Million and $3.2 Million and generating an annual rental revenue of approximately $300,000 per year. Local real estate sale prices are increasing over 10% year over year and are projected to have another double-digit year in 2021.

Company Planning to Incorporate Blockchain Technology & Cryptocurrency Payment Options

Expanding on its successful Automotive and Real Estate Models, which have now been validated, the company is suggesting they will be incorporating Blockchain technology into their models, with a number of social media release pointing towards this direction.

In short the answer is YES, we are working on ways to implement #Blockchain into our #RealEstate & #Automotive Divisions. We are also looking into Incorporating and excepting #cryptocurrency as a payment option for purchases via our online platform

The daily rate of #RealEstate transactions is so immense, a common database of leases and purchases is more necessary than ever. #Blockchain can provide that.

Understanding Blockchain's Possible Impacts on Real Estate | George Mason Real  Estate Development Blog

The global real estate industry is worth hundreds of trillions of dollars, but is dominated by large institutions. Through blockchain technology, it is possible that more people will be able to access the market where transactions can be made more transparent, secure, and equitable. It will be interesting to see how MSTO adapts blockchain technology to their already proven Real Estate, and Automotive, portions of the company.


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