Small-Cap Company Attracting Big Investors Following the Signing of Big Names from the NFL, ESPN, and other Professional Sports Organizations.


The stock market has been in full stage rally over the past 4 weeks, surging early in June on the euphoria of the country’s economic reopening, as well as a surprise jobs gain in the June 5 labor report. However, the market retreated some of its gains after some less-positive commentary from Federal Reserve officials, who now plan to keep interest rates at zero until at least 2022.

Many investors are asking, what does all of the fundamental-based volatility mean? A number of analysts are suggesting that you can pick up shares of great companies to buy and hold for the long term. To go one step further, while stocks relating to the reopening economy have shown a big rally lately, analysts are putting forth the notion that it may be time to refocus on stronger technology-related companies that help power the new, more digitized economy.

One of the newest names to hit the market is a small-cap company, The Clickstream Corporation with its impending launch of their flagship App WinQuik. This company is focused on the development of a free to play Mobile App that caters to the casual user that will spend a few seconds to interact with a gaming platform in order to win prizes and real money. Initially, ClickStream’s games will be quick to play trivia games that allow users to get involved in around 20 seconds and then receive results from push notifications. Game types are set up dynamically with non-live game shows daily and live game shows with Hosts 2 to 4 times per month. ClickStream intends to initially monetize the App with corporate sponsors and advertisers.

The reason that many analysts are paying very special attention to this company is because Clickstream has suddenly positioned itself to operate well beyond the small-cap market, and pushing already to be a major player within the Mid-cap global market. This is primarily due to the unusually high professional and celebrity signings the company has completed in just over 1 months time. This is all before the app has even launched. From this, its easy to see that they are planning something much bigger than what has already been released. We are beginning to see one of the very rare occasions where a over-the-counter small cap company is able to achieve what the OTC market place was originally designed for; a stepping stone to a national stock exchange.

So far, the company has signed the following big names.

However, what is most interesting, is the number of high-profile names and sports personalities that have recently tweeted support for the company. Let us remind you, this is still a small-cap stock (in terms of price per share), which makes this unheard of in that some of the biggest names in sports are already supporting the company. This is perhaps among the largest collection of professional athletes publicly supporting a current small-cap company.

  • Brian Baldinger: Former NFL player and current NFL Analyst | 221,000 Followers
  • Cynthis Frelund: NFL Network | 108,000 Followers
  • MJ Acosta: Emmy Award Winning NFL Sportscaster: 30,000 Followers
  • Amy Trask: CBS Sports | 60,000 Followers
  • Judy Battista: Columinst for | 59,000 Followers
  • Adam Rank: NFL Analyst | 449,000 Followers
  • Steve Weissman: NFL Network | 14,000 Followers
  • Chris Wesseling: | 102,000 Followers
  • Dan Hanzus: NFL Network | 78,000 Followers
  • Michael Silver: Sports Illustrated | 191,000 Followers
  • Ed Werder: ESPN | 225,000 Followers
  • Bucky Brooks: NFL Player and NFL Analyst | 153,000 Followers

The Technicals


Clickstream only has a 54,094,248 float, making it classified as a low float, minimal saturated stock. This means, there are not a lot of shares in the market to get in the way of whatever run or rally is generated by the signing of these big names, and impending launch of their flagship app. With only 14 million market cap, this is currently significantly undervalued based on shares out in the market, current price per share, and market cap. It should be noted, we have not even factored in projected revenue numbers, which have yet to even be released. Collectively, this makes for a very interesting investment, and traders are beginning to see the merits of it transitioning to a “investment” rather than a “trade”.

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