Exclusive with Matt Dwyer, CEO of Global Consortium Inc (OTCpink:GCGX)


  • OTCQB uplisting
  • No Toxic Debt
  • No Dilution
  • Expanding to Florida
  • First harvest will be planted this year

Previous Interview talking about their new Cannabis Mall via SmallCapVoice.com

Thanks for having us Matt. How is 2020 treating the company so far?

Busy, this is the first year going back as far as I can remember not having any down time over the holidays.

Last quarter of 2019 was a bit of a rocky road. Are you expecting the first and second quarter of 2020 to be better?

I would not say it was a rocky road I would say that dealing in the MJ sector is a lot harder then most think.  It takes time and money to over come the hurdles the State and City put in your way.  A good example and excellent reading is this piece that came out yesterday, https://mjbizdaily.com/licensed-marijuana-companies-sacramento-face-temporary-closure/ maybe if more people read this they would understand the delays are not on our part. Thankfully, GCGX we have a full and legal license, so this does not effect us. In fact, it helps us.

You recently announced that GCGX will not be taking on any toxic debt, and there will be no dilution. What made the company do this?

GCGX is finalizing a deal to finance its new CBD operations with no dilution or toxic debt. Inn fact in any deal I have had I do not ever add toxic debt.

Is the company planing any type of expansion into other territories?

The Company is in fact as announced moving in to Florida – The company is now in a position for when the State of FL begins issuing hemp licenses this quarter.

Is the company planning their first harvest anytime soon?

Yes, we feel so long as we can obtain our permit by the end of June we can have a nice healthy harvest this year.

Does GCGX have plans in its pipelines to uplist to OTCQB?

Once revenue begins from Indulge then Yes we will begin the process once again and it will be simpler this time.

Can shareholders expect any type of update/PR anytime soon ? Yes. As mentioned in a tweet today by the company, a PR will be forth coming

Does the company plan to do any type of share purchase in open market?

Yes. I believe to help drive further revenue to the shareholders, the CA company was going to purchase shares on the open market quarterly after final production begins.

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