Chinese Businessman on a Mission to bring credibility to a Stock Exchange Abhorred by Wall Street Investors with a “Fusion Triangle”.


It’s rare that a campaign backed by the Chinese government fails to secure the funding and assets needed to expand, particularly into the USA. This is due mainly to the fact that China, and its regulators, have put significant barriers in place to curb a possible collapse or significant negative impact on the Chinese financial markets. One avenue that has picked up momentum recently is the surge in Chinese companies directly purchasing American companies. However, due to regulation on the American (and Canadian) side, the ability for Chinese businessmen to directly purchase American and Canadian companies comes with its own significant barriers.

Therefore, some Businessmen in China have come up with a new system, which is actually helping the American and Canadian markets due to the now injected credibility these acquisitions bring. This involves Chinese companies and individuals purchasing non-active shell companies that are already publicly listed on a lower-tier stock exchange, such as the “Over the Counter Markets” or “OTC Markets”. Granted, the barriers to this is less restricted, one aspect that is challenging is the credibility – or lack-there-of – surrounding these lower-tier markets.

One Chinese business is attempting to accomplish such a task. Mr. Robert Xu , the president of Golden Panegyric Inc. was recently honored by the Ontario Premier Minster for the Outstanding Entrepreneur Award.

January 19, 2020 , Toronto Community and Cultural Center hosts a 2020 Chinese New Year Gala Charity Dinner at the Premiere Ballroom and Convention Centre. Mr. Doug Ford, Ontario Premier Minster; Mr. Han Tao, Consul General of the People’s Republic of China in Toronto; Government officials; community leaders, experts, entrepreneurs, artists and community members attended the charity gala with nearly a thousand guests. Mr. Robert Xu , the President of Golden Panegyric Inc, received the Outstanding Entrepreneur Award. During the gala, Mr. Xu said “ Golden Panegyric Inc. ( GPI ) is a consulting service expert, it helps great companies to raise funds and go public in the US. Today, I am pleased to receive this award from the Deputy Mayor of Toronto . Our great work was endorsed by the Canadian community in Ontario. Mr. Ford shake my hand and congratulated me ! He encouraged our company achieve more in 2020! May the Year of the Rat bring everyone good luck & good fortune! Gong Xi Fa Chai! “

Mr. Xu is a well known Chinese business man, responsible for a vast array of mergers and acquisitons between the new “Fusion Triangle”. Successfully collaborating with entitities in China, Canada and USA, Mr. Xu is taking the “Fusion Triangle” and re-writing the play book on business relations between China, Canada, and the USA.

Fusion Triangle: The Fusion of Chinese, Canadian, and American Companies and their respective officers/directors in order to elevate the standing and profitability of each country involved, while keeping the door open to growth within the original entity.

Mr. Xu recently took over American based spirits company, South Beach Spirits Inc. (OTC:SBES), which is listed on the American “Over-the-Counter” markets. This is the latest in an attempt for successfull and credible Chinese businessmen manuvoering the “Fusion Triangle” in order to facilitate collaboration between emerging Chinese, Canadian and American companies.

Toronto, December 5, 2019 To all SBES shareholders :Robert Meihua Xu, the Co-CEO of South Beach Spirits Inc., and the CEO and founder of Golden Panegyric Inc., said “Our team is looking for the reverse merge target , we are not doing reverse split at this time. Any false post and link have already caused damage to SBES. We are retaining legal counsel to address these false allegations”.  Robert Xu  wants SBES ALL SHAREHOLDERS to know that the person associated with that false website is not part of our team and has no knowledge of our plans or operations. There is no reverse split planned. A reverse stock split requires a significant amount of planning and regulatory approvals and requires notice to shareholders. A reverse stock split is not possible without notice to our shareholders. Our plans for merging another company with SBES have not changed. Please know that is the sole and official site of SBES and only information contained on this site should be considered true. 

The result? For now, it appears only a small number of individuals are taking advantage of this new “Fusion Triangle” system. However, from the case study of Mr. Xu and his use of the “Fusion Triangle”, it appears that he may have opened the door for more Chinese companies wishing to expand to North America.

How does this help the USA and Canada? If more of these successful and highly credible businessmen out of China take the same road, then it will add more credibility to some of the American markets, which are currently struggling for a respected position within the world markets. and its Editors/Writers have not been compensated by any entity, individual or company mentioned in this report. Additionally, we do not hold any position in any company mentioned in this article, previously, currently, or in the future.

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